Founder’s Workshop- EGR190.05


Founder’s Workshop is an experiential learning class that gives you a feel for what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. The class divides into teams and comes up with a business idea that they must develop throughout the entire course. Each week, teams are responsible for pitching their idea and proving why it’s valid. This course encourages and focuses on the importance of pivoting and customer research.


Because I have aspirations of starting a business, this course was perfectly tailored to put me on the pathway to becoming an entrepreneur. I believe this class is the perfect course for anybody in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate program because it teaches students a very important lesson: Good ideas are somewhat worthless. It is the same lesson that is taught in the Keystone class. However, the difference is that the aforementioned lesson is not taught directly in Founder’s Workshop and one only realizes the lesson at the end of the course. Everybody comes up with great ideas, refines a potential product and validates them with potential customers. However, at the end of the course, most people have only their validated idea. It’s up to them to put it into action. Which is just to say, the work behind the product is just as or even more important than the product itself. There are plenty of people who can start their own business, but very few do. Planning is nothing without actual execution.