300 Hour Experience

My name is Autumn, and I own a business called DFW Social Media Magic. I’d like to explain why I entered the social media marketing business.

This message is for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed at the prospect of learning an entirely new skill set. Marketing a business isn’t as straight forward as it used to be. Most people know that social media is important. However, they might not know how important. There are over 2 billion Facebook users, 1.5 billion Youtube users and millions and millions of Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest Users.

In other words, there is an amazing online base of new customers waiting to be captured. However, despite knowing that social media presents an opportunity with an amazing ROI, many business owners simply cannot learn everything there is to know and execute a social media marketing plan that continually generates a high return. That’s why I’m in this business. I help clients achieve tangible results through online marketing and branding. I also offer a free website and a social media audit.

Once I enter into a partnership with a business owner, I update their website, set up all relevant social media accounts, manage those accounts while posting high-quality content that resonates with the target market. And finally, I work with the business owner to develop a brand story and a long-term marketing strategy that fits their business.

Before I could even entered this business, I realized there was a major problem- nobody had a reason to trust me. Yes, I am a certified social media advertiser, but I had never worked in the industry before. I couldn’t get more experience unless someone hired me, but I had serious doubts about whether anybody would hire me with no experience. I was in a catch-22 which I solved by entering a related industry in which I did have experience. By building websites for different business, I was able to establish myself as a trustworthy businesswoman who could create an effective marketing platform. This allowed me to secure an intensive one-month social media marketing internship and an email marketing position in the brokerage business. Now, I have enough credentials to secure work.

I have learned a lot by starting this business. I once sent out written business-tailored marketing pitches to thirty businesses that didn’t have a website and received zero responses even with follow-up! Before I tried this technique, every other business owner that I approached agreed to having me redo their website. Of course, my high-close rate was due to the research on their website I had put in before-hand. Yet, I had done the same type of research for businesses without a website and had shown these business owners how much their business could be improved by a website. But, after receiving zero yeses, I realized a very important lesson- capture clients who have already shown demand, rather than try to create it. Businesses that already had a website (and knew it could be improved) were much more willing to pay money for a better website than businesses that never had a site in the first place. Hindsight 20/20, I was chasing people who didn’t know they had a problem rather than going after businesses that knew they had a problem (and thus, wanted it fixed). I get much of my work through referrals now. However, I now know who to go after if I need work. I believe the lesson of following demand is one I will remember for the rest of my life.

Along with the aforementioned lesson, the most important thing I learned during this experience is to never underestimate or undervalue yourself. I stayed in the website design business way too long because it was where I was comfortable. And I often underpriced my work because I was afraid of rejection. However, now I realize my errors and have literally doubled my prices (though my costs are still significantly underneath the industry standard). I am also done taking website building jobs and will only take marketing jobs that may or may not involve website work. It is easy to stay in the same place and to undersell your work. But, it is important to avoid these traps at all costs, especially for minorities (females specifically) who are more likely to fall into these traps. Time and money are precious, and neither should be wasted.

Please view some of my work and a few corresponding testimonials.


Visit www.dfwsocialmediamagic.com for a more complete portfolio.


Our website was years out of date and nobody had time or the expertise to update it, especially me, but it really bothered me to leave it undone. Autumn was a breath of fresh air, just when it was really needed. She updated our website in ¼ of the time that it would have taken me and the results were great! Our website is up to date and I am no longer stressed out about whether or not our clients are able to contact us, register for events, and make donations. 5 Stars, no question!

—  Christi Martin, GLAA Director, Greater Lewisville Arts Association


I was contacted by Autumn in July 2018 regarding my website, and her belief that she could help me streamline, optimize and update the look and substance. She quoted me some prices and timelines upfront, and upon agreement, she was quickly at work for me. After a short time, she had a sample set up, and explained the changes she had made. She also took photos and a video to include and update my site for a larger audience. When all was finished, she tweaked a few things based on my feedback, and then walked me through the steps to make any future changes I may decide are necessary. Not only was Autumn professional and timely, she was friendly and concise, and able to talk to me in layman’s terms so I could understand what was going on. She was very easy to work with. She has exceeded my expectations and delivered a great product to help me support my business. Please feel free to contact me as a reference for Autumn’s abilities.” 

— Maria Hall, Award-Winning Quilter, mariathequilter@gmail.com


During this past summer, I met Autumn Raine Tompkin at a visual art meeting in Lewisville, Texas. Hearing that she was an expert in IT and could improve the layout of my website, I decided to hire her services. In a few days, she worked with me and set up a new website with a different web builder than the one I already had. She did an excellent job and I’m completely satisfied with her work. I am impressed with her knowledge and confident personality. I feel that she will turn out to be quite an expert in all things related to information technology and related subjects. I would strongly recommend her to anyone and I’m very appreciative of her work.

—  Alfredo Santesban, Award-Winning Artist, Alsante Fine Art