150 Hour Experience

  • What was the nature of the experience? In what area were you working?
      • I am a marketer and the sole owner of DFW Social Media Magic. The experience has been amply rewarding and is still ongoing. I get to say that I am working on my own business, and by doing so, am following my dreams. 
  • With what organization/association/program did you work or did you participate?
      • My 300 hour experience led up to my 150 hour experience. So, while DFW Social Media Magic used to focus on website design, the focus is now 100% on marketing. The transition has gone very smoothly and I credit that fact to the wonderful opportunities I pursued while abroad. When in Australia, I secured a social media marketing internship with a women’s clothing online retailer as well as a marketing position with a search engine service that caters to mortgage brokers. The positions were vastly different in regards to the target audience, and yet, both relied on the same marketing skillset that I had developed. I am a better marketer for having pursued and grown from all these experiences. Additionally, I would never have been able to open the door to these marketing opportunities if not for my year of doing website work under DFW Social Media Magic. It all comes full circle. 
  • What did you do? What were your responsibilities?
      • I deliver my marketing service by creating and maintaining email lists, continually creating and editing original content, optimizing and maintaining websites, developing brand/ reputation, pursuing PR opportunities, creating, managing and posting to social media accounts, and other such tasks.
  • Why did you choose to pursue this experience in particular?
      • I want to move on from being self-employed and become an owner of capital, which means hiring my own employees and growing DFW Social Media Magic from the ground-up. So, everything I’ve done has been towards this specific purpose. My 150 hour experience is setting me up for the rest of my life. It is merely a small step in a long journey. 



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