I took Social Marketing with Professor Aaron Dinin during the fall semester of my junior year. In this course, students are introduced to different methods of utilizing social media for marketing purposes, including personality marketing, thought leader marketing, and corporate marketing. The class was primarily taught by analyzing several different examples for each unit of marketing, followed by case studies where we perform an in depth analysis on a particular example to understand the successful and unsuccessful strategies used. We ended the course by creating an Instagram account with a goal of 1000 followers & 100 likes/post, using the strategies we learned.

I chose this course to get a better understanding of how to use social media in a business context. As social media is becoming increasingly popular among businesses for marketing, I hoped that this course would help me learn some strategies to be successful in social marketing if I ended up eventually joining a startup in that type of role. It was also a much different class than the courses I have previously taken, so I believed that the course would broaden my skillset.

A big takeaway for me was to understand who my audience is and to cater all my content to that audience. This skill is widely applicable to other situations, like giving presentations to clients or creating a report for a customer. When creating my Instagram account for the final project, I knew my audience was primarily Duke students, so all of my content was specifically tailored to be meaningful to them, which helped my account gain traction. Having the opportunity to speak with successful guest speakers was also helpful for me to understand the importance of creating unique content that provides some form of value to the consumer, which I was able to implement in my final project.

Here is an artifact from my class: Instagram Reflection. During the final project, my group and I utilized the marketing skills we learned over the course of the semester to gain traction on our Instagram account. We then gave a presentation discussing the strategies we used, how we attempted to create value, and our results. We ended up surpassing our goal of 1000 followers (reaching around 1800), primarily by having a clearly defined target audience and engaging with our followers.