Hello, my name is Arvind Parthasarathy, and I am a junior at Duke University.

I am originally from Rochester, New York, but spent 6 years living in San Diego, California, before moving to Allentown, Pennsylvania before high school. For most of my life, I’ve always felt that I wanted to go into medicine, as many people in my family are doctors. However, by junior year of high school, I decided to try to explore business fields as well by entering in business competitions and taking economics courses. I ended up enjoying my classes/experiences and decided that I wanted to pursue economics in college, while potentially running my own medical practice in the future. Duke was the best fit for me, where I’d be able to get a great economics background while being part of a vibrant student body with a love of Duke Basketball.

I am majoring in Economics with a Finance Concentration, along with a minor in Mathematics and the I&E Certificate. This gives me a quantitative approach to business, while still developing the entrepreneurial skills if I end up pursuing my own company. Through my time at Duke, I’ve been thinking about integrating my economics/I&E background with healthcare/medicine by initially pursuing healthcare investment banking. From there, I could potentially work in a biotech startup, go into healthcare venture capital, or work on the corporate development team in a larger healthcare company. My coursework in I&E has been key for me as I reflect on my goals. Through my technology commercialization course, I’ve been able to do case studies on a wide variety of companies and listen to numerous venture capitalists/healthcare startup founders speak. This course is what initially had me thinking about these possible career paths, and my other coursework in the program helped to solidify my goals.

As of now, I have not worked on my own start-up, but I spent my freshman summer as a business data analyst at Dun & Bradstreet and my sophomore summer as a corporate finance analyst at Thermo Fisher Scientific. In both experiences, I’ve been able to learn how each company fundamentally operates and improve on existing processes. I will be doing a healthcare investment banking internship with Perella Weinberg Partners next summer, which I hope to convert to a full-time offer.

Outside of classes, I love to play tennis. I played tennis for all four years of high school and try to play as often as I can at Duke. I also play the saxophone in the Duke Marching & Pep Band. One thing people should know about me is that I am also a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Overall, I know I want to make an impact on the healthcare industry and help people live their best lives. Growing up, I thought the best way to do so was to be a doctor and care for patients directly. Through my experiences at Duke, I’ve learned about many other ways to do so, whether it involves advising healthcare companies raise capital/acquire other companies, providing capital to biotech companies as a venture capitalist, or running my own company. Wherever the future takes me, I’m hoping to make a positive impact on the care we all receive.