July 13, 2016

Ussie – 150 Hour Experience


From the end of May 2016 to the middle of July 2016, I interned for Ussie – a social media app startup – completing my 150-hour experience. Ussie is a visual media app where users send pictures and links to friends and chat “over” them, generating a personal feed of photo-inspired stories and conversations. What makes Ussie different? The app offers a new way to chat with friends and family without worrying about how many “likes” a given photo will receive.

While interning for Ussie, my work included marketing using social media and research and development. I created a poster size logo for a photo shoot, designed Ussie branded hair ties, located dozens of friendship themed pictures, and helped devise an interactive business card. Also, I helped redesign Ussie’s Instagram and Facebook page to create a look specific to Ussie that showcases friendship values the app promotes. While outside my core responsibilities, I also helped identify potential investors for Ussie.

With each task I completed, I learned more about growing a startup into a sustainable company. My personal goal from this experience was to learn about a business from the inside out as opposed to beginning on the outside and working my way in. So, I learned the great breadth of issues that a startup must overcome, from finding investors to designing and marketing a specific product. And most importantly, I met motivational and sophisticated colleagues who taught me about the innovation world and with whom I remain in touch.


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