May 13, 2016

Keystone – Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Description & Reflection

Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship covers component elements of developing skills needed to launch a venture beginning with identifying a need or problem to solve. The course covers lean methodology, innovation and entrepreneurship strategy, and creating needed financing and resource structures. Through case-study based lessons we learned the importance of effectively marketing and communication innovations and the benefits of doing so, leading, managing, and working effectively within teams, creating a positive work culture, and evaluating failures and successes.  Working with teams to create slide decks of Harvard Business School cases allowed us to practice financial skills, qualitative analysis, and teamwork.

I&E 352  has proved to be one of he most challenging yet interesting courses I have taken at Duke. The class pushed me to understand and master valuation and marketing analysis and expand both my quantitative and qualitative shining abilities through Harvard Business School readings and case studies.

Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship also taught be the value of teamwork. During the course of the semester, I worked closely with two peers on case studies and mentor-mentee assignments. I learned how to adapt and adjust my working techniques to match my teammates. By working together for countless hours throughout the semesters, my teammates and I grew to close friends and developed a mutual shared trust. Through our our group work, we were able to successfully collaborate and challenge each other which led to positive presentations and results on our assignments.

Most importantly, this course taught me valuable skill sets that I can apply to any career path. From valuations and marketing metrics, I will be able to apply these skills not only to my path in entrepreneurship but also to other outlets I explore. During this course, I learned about so many principles that can be applied to entrepreneurship in a number of industries including storage, rental clothing, e-commerce, motorcycles, and toothbrushes. All in all, this course has been and will remain one of my favorites a Duke.


This is an example case study completed for the class.