May 13, 2016

Basics of Technology Commercialization

The Basics of Technology Commercialization is structured around the basic elements of taking technology from ideas to development and commercialization, including understanding technology, developing market strategies, and assessing the potential market. Using case studies, lectures about the Lean Startup Model, and discussions about the development of real technologies in areas including pharmaceuticals, computer science, medical devices, and energy, we learned how to assess products and services from the earliest stage of an idea to obtaining a patent. Using Eric Ries’ Lean Startup Methodology, I was able to understand the importance of customer gains and pains and market opportunities when looking at technologies. From the course, I was able to take away that an innovation is more than idea and involves multiple iterations and steps before any product is brought to market. Here is a little more about my reflection of the Basics of Technology Commercialization.

Artifact – Nano-FOD Assessment