August 28, 2017

Qnary – 300 Hour Experience

Description & Reflection

Since March 2016 I have worked part time for a company called Qnary. Qnary is a company that manages social media for executives. Every week I write five twitter and three LinkedIn posts for a business strategist executive and media sales executive each.

By working with Qnary, I have had the opportunity to learn how to effectively write for a business executive and market them on social media. Given the increasing presence of social media and digital trends, understanding how to communicate on social media for yourself and others is extremely important. Understanding how to write in someone else’s tone of voice and accurately market them has taught me the skills to work in the digital age.  All in all, Posting on social media for fun is one thing, but posting to social media networks like Twitter and LinkedIn for business requires a completely different approach. I have learned how to write sarcastic yet serious tweets and share insightful advice on LinkedIn. These skills will provide me with insight into the digital landscape of any industry I work for in the future.

When I began writing for Qnary, I struggled to consistently source articles and derive insight relevant to my clients. Through trial and error and calls with my boss, I was able to master how to best represent each client on Twitter and LinkedIn. My inability to create content that always worked for clients in the beginning taught me that failure is okay. In fact, failure is sometimes the only way to learn how to do something (in my case, write) better. Rewriting tweets and drafting out various LinkedIn posts forced me to critical evaluate my work and take every correction or comment into account when creating new content.

Social media is one of the biggest platforms on which industry executives market themselves, network, and share their insights with mentees. Creating weekly content by reading business, technology, healthcare, and advertising news articles, I contribute to the the entrepreneurial ideas of the business strategist and media sales executive for whom I work. Also, while working for Qnary, the company innovated its own business strategy and technology by creating an app on which all freelancers should submit content. Transitioning from writing tweets and LinkedIn posts on a google spreadsheet to inputing them on a working app that generated feedback showed me that as a growing company, Qnary continues to evolve and its freelance writers are part of its development.

Writing for Qnary has taught me the importance of staying current with industry news, developing a professional social media voice, and the influence of the digital age on entrepreneurs, salesmen, advertisers, doctors, and more.