Choosing to pursue the I&E certificate was one of the best decisions that I made at Duke. Aside from all of the skills that I learned, the knowledge I gained about starting a business, and how to creatively problem solve, the certificate opened doors, provided introspective opportunities, and has helped put me on the path towards creating a meaningful life.

From my I&E certificate, I have discovered my strategies, improved the questions that I ask about the world, and learned the importance of building meaningful relationships with the people around me. Duke in Silicon Valley was crucial in helping me determine my next steps after school. I love the startup culture because it is dynamic, fast-paced, energizing, challenging, and the work is high impact. After graduation, I hope to be at a startup that possesses all of those qualities.

I am so thankful for the mentorship that I have gained from this program whether it has been from my teachers, the connections I made, or from my experiences. This program was excellent in helping me build meaningful relationships with students who were studying different subjects and passionate about different problems than I was which was a unique opportunity. I learned a great deal from not only my professors and the material, but also from what my classmates contributed to class discussions and group projects. The community was unreal. Finishing the certificate is bittersweet, but I am confident that I will be going into the world and will be able to contribute to any company that I join. I am leaving Duke equipped with a strong knowledge of business, startups, funding, teamwork, leadership, and most importantly how to ask the right questions to discover the problems that need to attention and immediate solutions in the world.