Artifact: I chose one of the group-case studies my team completed as my artifact. I chose this artifact because it best displays the collaborative and analytical work we completed throughout the course.

One of the most significant lessons that we learned in this course was that as an entrepreneur it is important to look for the problem first and the lesson second. It is easy to come up with ideas, but if they are not needed or solving a problem, then they will not turn into a promising product. It is imperative to put the customer first and understand consumer needs. If you can figure out what the customer wants and what they value and tailor your company towards their needs, you will most likely have a successful company.

In this course, we learned how to create valuation models for businesses and learned how to analyze case studies and form recommendations to the companies based on the provided information, financial calculations, and models we constructed. My biggest takeaway from analyzing case studies was that the strongest researched business ideas turned out to be the most successful, possessed strong leadership, had thoroughly tested and had a deep understanding of their markets and customers, possessed a strategic and logical business plan, and had successfully created a viable solution to a problem.

Learning and understanding how to create and assess valuation models were challenging, but also rewarding. Thanks to my teacher and the help of my classmates I now have a strong understanding of how to estimate intrinsic values of companies to make better-informed investment decisions. These skills can be helpful when deciding what to put money into in a company, they can be useful in determining whether to invest in a company, and they can be beneficial in analyzing the market competition.

This class gave me a methodology that I can use to analyze and assess the performance and viability of any venture. I feel confident in providing recommendations to companies about strategy and investment options. I enjoyed all of the teamwork and problem-solving in this class, and I know that I can take these skills and apply them to my future career. I also learned about the importance of building and maintaining relationships with peers and co-workers. Collaboration is essential as well as understanding and utilizing our own strengths and weaknesses.