Certificate Purpose

I am an aspiring entrepreneur and student of the world committed to learning the best ways to disrupt inefficient systems and inspire change that is rooted in the lessons of human history.  I am pursuing the certificate because I believe that it will provide me with the experiences and skills I will need to one day identify a problem that I am passionate about solving and come up with an effective solution. 

I am most interested in learning about business plans and strategies, specifically what it takes to start with an idea and transform it into a sustainable company. I am hoping to learn about the fundamentals of marketing and what it takes to raise awareness about a product, how to successfully finance a venture, how to leverage my strengths and weaknesses to lead manage, and work with a team, develop strong communication skills, learn how to fail fast, and evaluate and determine what my definition of success is. 

I believe in the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, creative problem solving, cutting-edge technology, the power of the mind, and passionate leadership. When combined, these factors hold the potential to create limitless influential social impact. I believe that the certificate will provide me with the fundamentals necessary to jump into and effectively contribute to any company or venture that excites me.