EGR121 – Engineering Innovation


EGR121 serves as an introduction to the mechanical engineering major. It introduced me to design challenges that involve teamwork in technical project ideation, prototyping, iteration and machine completion. In EGR121 we were introduced to the student machine shop, design programs including SolidWorks, and circuit board design. The final design challenge allowed us to customize a circuit board to incorporate electronics into a mechanically designed Rube Goldberg machine. 



I took EGR 121 as it was a requirement for my major, yet it left me instantly hooked on mechanical design and the process of bringing an idea on paper to a working prototype. From building a tennis ball retriever to 3D printing a happy meals toy to formulating a technical design report, I enjoyed every step of the process. I feel this pathway is the bridge connecting art and engineering, which is what I think of when I think of my future. EGR121 was the class that drove me to pursue this certificate. It gave me a taste of innovation that I was instantly hooked on. The course gave me a simple understanding of how someone takes a design and brings it to life, pitches it to investors, and presents it to competitors/customers. Most importantly, this class allowed me to combine what I was learning in my technical engineering classes with my creative mind to design fun and functioning machines. It introduced me to physical design and sparked my interest in consumer good product design and development.