I&E 281 – Basics of Technology Commercialization


I&E 281 – Basics of Technology Commercialization focused on innovating technologies and the steps an entrepreneur takes in getting  a product to market. The course covered a variety of products, including many medical devices and their paths to FDA approval/general use. The class mainly focused on the innovation process of how technologies are ideated, the conditions necessary for their eventual commercialization, and how innovations are evaluated. It discussed mechanisms of innovation and how/why certain ideas succeed in market and others do not. Additionally, the class covered patenting, intellectual property, and financial sourcing. 


I&E 281 has served as an incredibly valuable course to me. I was interested in taking this class to compliment what I had learned in EGR 121. EGR 121 taught me about technological design and this class had the prospect of teaching me what to do once you have designed a product: how to bring it to market, commercialize it, etc. Throughout the semester we heard from many successful entrepreneurs on how they got to where they are, how they have failed, what the most important lessons they learned were, and how to get started in the start-up world. This class provided mew with the tools to evaluate and understand business models and how products can be successfully and unsuccessfully brought to market. This class was incredibly helpful in introducing me to the business side of innovation.