I&E 499 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Capstone Seminar: Discovering Opportunities


The Discovery Capstone introduced students to the entrepreneurial thought process fo identifying opportunities for innovation rather than an idea for a product. The capstone focused on a number of strategies to identifying opportunities and analyzing their success potential.


The Discovery capstone was incredibly beneficial in reframing the way I think about entrepreneurship. I have always been consumed with different ideas for a new product or service, yet this class has taught me to think differently. Rather than focusing on a solution, I have learned to look for opportunities. Where are the places in my life that are lacking in some way? Why have certain businesses not evolved? I think this new framing of entrepreneurship is important in understanding why certain seemingly great ideas fail. Learning to identify the market value and market opportunity has been a challenging skill to develop, yet one that is crucial in determining the longevity of an idea.


I appreciated how Dr. Dinin pushed us to think differently in this course. I enjoyed the path the class took from using Slack groups to encourage questioning of the things around us, to working on a group project to assess the market potential of an identified problem. Learning to question the things we do and use everyday was an incredibly valuable experience. Then, learning to assess their value and how they make money added an entrepreneurial assessment to the activity. These activities have changed the way I look at things and the way I buy things. I am excited to continue searching for opportunities around me outside of this class!


Below is a link to my problem pitch presentation: