Burt’s Bees – Manufacturing Engineer Intern


I worked as a manufacturing engineer intern at the Burt’s Bees plant in the summer of 2019. I had a number of projects that allowed me to collaborate with Process Engineers, Quality Department, and Operations team. I completed a process validation experimentation and documentation for new COP sink in the plant washroom. I also performed a filler capability study to support the proposal for new equipment purchase. I collaborated with scheduling, compounding, production, quality and materials management to update and improve product and bulk documentation. This project increased visibility and prevented line downtime. I chose to pursue this experience because I am interested in the manufacturing/product supply side of consumer goods. Working in the plant and getting to understand the processes that create products used in everyday life was very educational.  


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Burt’s Bees. Working in the plant I got to understand the complex machines and processes that produce their products. I loved getting to work with so many teams and departments within the company. It was another insight into how cross-functional teams and their dynamic are really important in delivering the best products. Collecting updated information from different departments in the plant to update bulk documentation allowed me to innovate and change the current process that was being used. I was able to provide more accurate information in an organized manner that was easy for many people to reference when planning plant production and activity. Another attempt at updating the current documentation was unfortunately not as successful. I worked to locate and register all training documents for certain machines in the plant to create a master spreadsheet that could be referenced when searching for particular instructions. However, after spending a lot of time locating documents, and organizing them It was noticed that a master log already existed. This experience taught me that communication when working in a large office setting is crucial. It is so important to openly discuss the projects you are working on because you never know who or what be able will serve as a resource or provide suggestions. This internship taught me so much about manufacturing and how it is always changing, improving, and working. This experience provided me with skills that I would never have been able to learn in a classroom.


Attached is a slide deck of projects I worked on that was presented to plant leadership.