Electrotech Service Equipment corp. – Engineering Intern


Working as a mechanical engineering intern at Electrotech Service Equipment Corp. I was introduced to the design and manufacturing of electrical equipment, specifically of switchboards. I worked alongside full time engineers in designing custom switchgears. I developed AutoCAD drawings of circuit breaker panels and service distribution panels.  Once designed and approved, the switchgears were manufactured in house. I developed user-friendly, accurate AutoDesk blocks to be universally used across a team of engineers in their switchboard designs. Additionally, I assisted Sales Engineers in communicating with customers and the NYC Department of Buildings Advisory Board to update floor plans, panel board schedules, and one line drawings. 


I greatly value my experience at Electrotech. It served as my introduction to working with a team of engineers with varying levels of experience. This allowed me to learn from many people and get an inside look at the electrical equipment manufacturing industry. I greatly appreciated the responsibilities I was given to design boards from purchase orders and to collaborate on altering designs to make them meet code standards. I was assigned the task of developing easy-to-use, standardized AutoCAD blocks and symbols for all the companies engineers to use. This tasked allowed me to innovate and develop a couple collections of blocks until one was accepted. The blocks made it easier and faster for simple panelboards to be designed, and allowed for all drawings to be standardized. The standardization was extremely beneficial to the manufacturing process as it removed the difficulty shop workers faced when trying to understand numerous different drawing styles. The first round of blocks I developed were unsuccessful in that they were sized incorrectly and did not appear cohesive with the rest of the drawings. This small failure taught me to pay closer attention to details and styles when updating existing designs. Working at Electrotech taught me a lot about the collaboration that occurs between engineers and other team members. This experience, specifically the standardized blocks, showed me how crucial it is that all co-workers are on the same page. This is necessary for the best products to be delivered to the customers and for ease of manufacturing. I really enjoyed learning from experienced engineers and getting to learn from their design processes. 



The attached CAD drawing is for a custom 120 Volt panelboard that I created after seeing the purchase order with detailed switches.