During the summer of 2017, I was a remote Marketing and Customer Acquisition at RocketBolt, a young startup headquartered in San Francisco and Durham. I chose this opportunity because I wanted to see what work at a startup was like. I had heard about how it was fast-paced, constantly changing, and entertainingall qualities I hope to find in my future work experiences. After a summer of working with nonprofits through DukeEngage, I was ready to try something faster and more dynamic. I worked at the top of the RocketBolt sales funnel, raising awareness about and engagement with the company through consumer preference-based targeted digital messaging and accelerating company growth through digital marketing on Twitter and Quora. For my end-of-internship project, I improved free trial conversion rate practices by researching and developing a video communications strategy for future implementation.

My daily tasks included unconventional content marketing in order to raise awareness about the company, communicating with potential and current customers, and collaborating with other remote interns. My supervisor made sure to walk us through the basics of each task before giving us freedom, and treated us like members of the company team. I saw this freedom the most in my final project, where I worked to address low conversion rates for the RocketBolt free trial with my knowledge of the company and its funnel. I was able to think innovatively about how to change past trends and make drip email campaigns more engaging. While I can’t share the entire strategy for confidentiality reasons, you can see an excerpt of the plan I presented below.

My supervisor helped create a positive environment for all of us. Almost all of the interns worked remotely, and by checking in as a team and individually, we were able to progress smoothly. I educated myself about other interns’ projects, be it sales, potential customer identification, or social media management. As a result, I kept up with their efforts and make suggestions that helped them further their work.

My biggest takeaways from my RocketBolt internship were:

  • The value of connections and a diverse network, especially when starting out as a new company
  • Key behaviors that make remote work and collaboration more effective: constant communication, asking lots of questions, and being eager to take on challenges
  • The opportunity that other team members offer for my own educationlearning from them as well as the company or my supervisor