Resin Sculptures

In a playful endeavor to work with resin, 3D printing, and CNC milling technologies, I built a series of resin sculptures.


In June of 2018, after having spent way more time and money on my large energy+art sculpture than I ever intended or expected, I decided to scale down and explore the creation of smaller-scale art sculptures that could be placed around a person’s house.

My primary goals for this project were to first, begin learning how to use CNC routing (as I had not had much experience before this project), to create high quality deliverables, and to develop a technique for 3D-printing inexpensive, yet easily-removable molds for prototyping resin pieces.

The exercise in constructing resin art-sculptures primarily led to my growing my own toolkit of fabrication techniques for prototyping parts in other engineering projects.

My Process

In order to create resin sculptures, I explored two different processes.

Process 1: Milled Resin

Process 2: 3D Printed Molds

Coming soon…

Current Status / Conclusions

I have completed my exploration of these methods for creating resin sculptures.

The milling process reliably delivered numerous sculptures quickly and efficiently. The process created sculptures that captured well in images, and served as high quality sculptures.

The 3D-Printing method for forming sculptures created rigid parts. However, plastic from the prints caused discoloration and other visual defects in the parts that would not make allow them to capture well as art sculptures.


A few art sculptures were posted for sale to Saatchi Art. Here’s a gallery with pictures of some of my resin sculptures!


coming soon…