Optiml Solutions


The OptiML team gathered at the Triangle Health Innovation Challenge (THInC) in September of 2017 to develop a machine-learning based solution partnered with a hardware device for capturing high-resolution images of the retina. Over the span of 48 hours, our team developed a draft solution that won first prize in THInC and garnered significant attention from medical professionals in the area. Our team pursued development following this event, and has been awarded nearly $20,000 for development of our solution.


Across the globe, nearly 350 million individuals, 20 million of whom are in the United States, are at are at risk of losing their vision due to glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy – both of which, if diagnosed early, are treatable conditions.

Our Solution

The OptiML platform is composed of a head-mount imaging device and a machine learning-based analysis system. The patient simply puts on the head-mount in a fashion similar to a normal eyepatch, while another user opens the OptiML application, holds the camera in line with the lens, and pulls the mobile device backwards until the application automatically captures the retinal photograph.

The system is able to be used effectively by low-skilled workers, is highly cost-efficient, and is portable – unlike all other competitors. In its final form, OptiML would allow for PCPs and GPs to provide comprehensive eye diagnostic exams for these illnesses without dilation of the pupil.



For privacy reasons, additional details of our work cannot be shared on this E-Portfolio.

Awards / Recognition

Triangle Health Innovation Challenge — 1st prize, $3,000

Baquerizo Innovation Grant Recipient— $15,000

Duke Startup Challenge Finalist

Rice Business Plan Competition Final Competitor