Edible Drones


Around September of 2017, a friend and I met up to catch up over coffee. During our chat, we somehow got very much off track and proposed the idea of making edible drones. I promised her, no matter how strange of an idea it was, I would make it happen someday. That day came during the summer of 2018.

Our Team

Our team consists of art and engineering students at Duke investigating the intersection of art and technology. Classically speaking, engineers often focus on the function of machines or devices. While some of our artwork may seem functionally without purpose, our work aims to challenge our audience’s understanding of familiar technologies or ideas by their abstract or abnormal representations.

Our team works to use innovative new fabrication techniques to call attention not only to how these technologies and methods can be used for standard engineering work, but also to how they can be applied to the arts.

Our edible drones are works of art meant to inspire our audience to differently perceive the overlap between food and technology, rather than to consider them separate areas entirely.

Our Process

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Current Status

Our team has successfully made chocolate, Jell-O, and cheese drones that can be controlled in flight. We are currently collaborating with US-Based chocolate company on promotional content surrounding our chocolate drones.


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Awards / Recognition

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