Energy Startup Demo Day


From the Summer to Fall of 2017, I was a leadership member of Duke’s annual Energy Week. In my role, I spearheaded the Energy Startup Demo Day, an event to which we invited energy startups from around North Carolina to share their work with current Duke students, staff, and faculty.


    1. Through leadership of this event, I had the great opportunity to work with and develop relationships with a series of energy companies in the NC area. The following were presenters at the event.
    2. Throughout organization of this event, I had to work with stakeholders across the university, all with different needs, schedules, and goals. This experience was valuable in improving my ability to balance various stakeholders’ needs while maintaining a healthy, productive, fruitful work environment for our team.
    3. While I developed leadership and organization skills through planning this event, the nature of the event helped expose me to the unique interesting ways different technologies are being applied in the energy industry. Our presenting companies worked on technologies ranging from floating wind turbines to analytics solutions for energy access. The exposure to this wide-ranging set of technologies helped make the breadth, depth, and importance of energy innovation more clear.