The Bubble Wall

Over the span of two weeks, I designed and constructed a "bubble wall" for a good friend of mine. The bubble wall was constructed from scratch using acrylic, HDPE, aluminum extrusion bars, and a Danner Air Pump.

As touched on in other parts of my E-Portfolio, my primary “love language” is gift-giving. In my spare time, I design and build interesting gifts for my friends with the goal of making each one extra special, unique, and personal. For one of my friends, I decided to build a bubble wall from scratch; while other gifts are highlighted in smaller parts of my portfolio, I was particularly excited about this gift and chose to give it its own page.

Design Process

The Bubble Wall is a table-mounted water-tank equipped with an air pump and a series of nozzles that produce bubbles within the tank. A remote-control LED strip provides a splash of color to the home decoration. While the original design contained several unique engineering challenge, over the course of my work, I simplified the design to create a sleek minimalist piece. The following is an outline of the steps used to craft the bubble wall. The centerpiece of the Bubble Wall is a logo containing the names of myself and the recipient of the gift in the Persian script.

Images from Construction
New Skills

During the development of the Bubble Wall, I had the opportunity to use existing skills with laser-cutting, Shopbot 3-Axis CNC milling, acrylic welding, Fusion 360 and tools like the horizontal bandsaw. The original design of the bubble wall consisted of a pull-out mirror; while this part of the design was not kept in the final, work on it allowed me to develop my skills using the Tormach PCNC 440, as well as in using CAM software for toolpathing in Fusion 360.