GRID Alternatives: Solar PV Installation

During the winter of 2017, I worked at GRID Alternatives to install solar PV in low income neighborhoods in Fresno, California.Through my work, I had the opportunity to design and install solar arrays for numerous residential locations helping GRID's clients eliminate their energy bills.  

In many minds, a transition to clean energy seems a necessary and obvious way to help slow the progress of climate change, but the initial cost of renewable energy sources still poses significant barriers to its adoption. After working with GRID Alternatives, a non-profit committed to providing free solar PV to low-income families, during a trip sponsored by the Duke Energy Initiative my first year at Duke, I was inspired to further my experience in solar, renewables, and battery storage to be better equipped to make my own impacts in making clean energy more accessible. In the winter of 2017, with funding from the Benjamin N. Duke scholarship, I worked at Grid Alternatives in Fresno California to perform site visits, design + site layout, and solar installations.

My Roles


Site Visits Documentation

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Design + Solar PV Documentation

The following are drawings for one home that I drafted as I learned the process of doing Solar PV design + layouts.

Install Documentation

The following are images from one of my installs in Fresno, California. I was joined by both the GRID team and students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on this install.


Article on GRID Alternatives site

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