My name is Allison Heredia and I am the daughter of a 10th generation American and a Cuban immigrant. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona along with my two older sisters. From an early age our parents instilled in us a love for two things: food and learning.

My mom and dad ensured that none of their daughters would be picky eaters, but rather be adventurous and curious with their eating habits via the infamous “No Thank You Bite.” If there was any part of our dinner we claimed we didn’t like, we would still have to try at least one bite. This curiosity and willingness to try new things has spilled over into other aspects of my life from travel, to snow boarding, to scuba diving.

My parents also urged me from a young age to examine and wonder about how the things around me worked. When exploring systems and devices I would delight in designs that proved to be aesthetically pleasing and efficient while illogical, inefficient designs were the bane of my existence. This inquisitiveness and knack for problem solving would eventually propel me into the field of mechanical engineering.

Through my combined studies in mechanical engineering and innovation & entrepreneurship, I hope to enter the field of product design and development following my graduation in Spring 2018.