While completing the six different design challenges (DC’s) in this course, I had to rely on my own creativity to generate whatever the final product would be. One DC that really called for creativity was when our team had to choose a problem on campus, design a solution for that problem, and then test the users’ reactions to the solution. The course also gave me valuable technical skills such as machine shop certification, SolidWorks, and circuit building. It was a course that required much resilience in some of the challenges, such as the time my team had to stay up all night completing a project after we realized our original design wasn’t working at 11 PM the night before it was due. This taught me the valuable lesson of when something isn’t working, to not hold on to it for too long, but instead learn to find a new solution and move on. Because every DC was team based, they each required intensive collaboration every step of the way, from the brainstorming process to the final report. Overall, the course taught me priceless lessons about technical skills, working on teams, and knowing when to admit you failed.

Course Artifact

This artifact is the written report for the final project of the class: the SportBot design challenge. For the project we were placed into teams of three and then had to work in conjunction with two other teams. Each team was responsible for designing two “SportBots” that would receive a ball and then, using circuits, detect its presence and pass it on to the next team’s SportBot. On my team I headed up the design and building of our circuits and then went on the help our partner teams troubleshoot theirs.

Design Challenge: SportBot Report