The Technology Commercialization course connected to my Mechanical Engineering major by exploring how the technologies developed by engineers fit into the market, merging a practical business perspective with my pre-existing technical knowledge. This course greatly increased my ability to successfully assess a new technology and its potential success or failure in the market. The final project gave me the opportunity to demonstrate this new ability and tested my collaboration skills. Organizing and communicating effectively with a team of seven people in order to create a cohesive write-up and presentation was no small task. The lack of available time we had where we could all work together led us to delegate specific roles to different members in regards to background research, that way we could fully utilize the time we did have for discussion, strategy, and decision-making.

Course Artifact

For the final project of the semester, the class was divided into teams to assess a technology based on customer segmentation, value proposition, market opportunity, regulatory environment, intellectual property, competitive analysis, and go-to-market strategy. The focus area I was personally responsible for was intellectual property. As a team we wrote a formal memo and gave a presentation to the class on NanoFOD, a new radiation detection technology.

NanoFOD Presentation

NanoFOD Report