Listed here are the official course catalog descriptions for each of the classes I took in the certificate program. Additionally, there is a brief explanation for why I chose my particular Gateway and Elective courses.

Gateway: Engineering Innovation (EGR 121)Introduces freshmen to the process of team-based creative conceptualization, visualization prototyping, and product realization.  Students use computer-aided design tools to create custom circuit boards and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machined components to produce prototype systems.  Design concepts are introduced and supported through hands-on assignments.

I chose this course for my gateway requirement because it was a great introduction to basic mechanical engineering concepts, the realities of team-based projects, and the intersection of problem-solving, design, and marketing.

Keystone: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E 352)Course covers component elements of developing skills needed to launch a venture. Starting at the point of need identification, course covers lean methodology; innovation and entrepreneurship strategy; creating needed financing and resource structures; effectively marketing/communicating innovation and its associated benefits; leading, managing, and working effectively within teams; creating a positive and ethical work culture; and evaluating success. Materials for class discussion are case studies and readings.

Elective: Technology Commercialization (I&E 281) – This course covers assessment, development, and translation for a range of technical areas, such as pharmaceuticals, computer science, energy, and medical devices. The course is organized around the basic elements of taking technology from conception to development and commercialization, including understanding technology, developing a plan to get to market, and assessing the potential market. Combines lecture, case assignments, and discussion of real technology development opportunities.

I chose to take this elective course because I thought it best combined my interests related to my engineering major and the practicality of taking a new technology to market from the lens of an entrepreneur.

Capstone: Entrepreneurship Capstone (I&E 499)In this course, students bring together interdisciplinary insights from their work throughout the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate program to shed light on innovation and entrepreneurship and the roles they play in addressing the world’s most pressing problems. The class will incorporate rich discussion, selected readings, and guest speakers addressing topics in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will focus on applying what they have learned through the certificate curriculum to develop an innovation and entrepreneurship capstone project.