300 Hour Experience: DukeEngage Washington, DC – National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Intern

I participated in Duke Engage, Washington DC where I worked at the National Academies of Medicine (NAM), specifically, in the Board of Children, Youth and Families (BCYF). During my internship at BCYF, I researched the impact of health policy for NAM reports and created a database of stakeholders for BCYF. I was a part of innovative thought around healthcare access for young adults and learned a lot from my time there. This relates to my objective for the certificate because through such experience doing research about real world problems with goals of influencing policy, I gained skills that will allow me to engage with other problems that I am passionate about.

150 Hour Experience: Center for Advanced Hindsight – Research Assistant

I was a research assistant for Dan Ariely’s Center for Advanced Hindsight for all my years at Duke. I worked on several projects since I first began there and gained more responsibility over the years. I ran participants in the different studies that the lab conducted which were all answering innovative questions around human behavior and decision making. My learning objectives for the experience were to have a deeper understanding of the subjects that I studied and also to become familiarized with the research process. I also learned the tenants of creative problem solving that I can apply to work I do later in life.