By taking classes within the Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate, I have learned more about focusing on systems at large and exploring what works and what does not work and looking into what can be done to make worthwhile improvements. I always find it very interesting to compare similar disciplines cross-culturally, analyze their differences and question why they exist. This is the reason I was also excited by the certificate because it has given me better tools in understanding the most effective communication methods I can use when interacting with vastly differing groups of people. As I also find that much innovation comes out of multi-billion dollar companies, I was eager to learn about the capabilities for innovation across the public, private, and social sector. Before I took the Social Innovation class, my only concept of innovations were those that came from companies like Apple and Google. From pursuing this certificate, I have learned about innovations that may be less well known, but as effective in making a difference.

I was also eager to look into how to make change that has staying power and what processes are involved to do that. Additionally, I was able to use my summer and extracurricular experiences to add insight into class projects and discussions. Due to my interests in collaborative global thought and communication, this certificate has been extremely useful and allows me to have an understanding of how effective change is able to come to fruition and how innovative solutions to problems can be made a reality through collaboration and creativity.