As a public policy major with interests in global health and engagement, languages, and economics, I felt that this certificate could help me gain insight into how I could effectively combine my varied interests in order to make them complement one another and affect meaningful change. I have also worked internationally and domestically and I was eager to see how my experiences and the coursework involved with this certificate could help me to discover more about innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, I have worked with varying groups of people and was excited to learn how interaction and communication can be an integral part of innovation. From my summer and class experiences, I have been exposed to several ways of thinking.


*Working with children in Mumbai*

I am originally from a small town in New York called Port Washington. Living there has instilled a great sense of community in me and I love going back home for breaks. This idea of having a community is a large part of what brought me to Duke. When deciding to apply early, Duke stood out to me because it has the perfect balance between social life and academic life. I wanted a place where I could thrive in both areas and not be too caught up in one or the other.

*At the docks in my town*

Coming to Duke, I have engaged with multiple groups on campus and have focused my attentions to a few in particular. I am involved with Dan Ariely’s Center for Advanced Hindsight, which is the lab that I have worked with since freshman year. I also am part of the student group called ATLAS (Adolescents Transitioning to Leadership and Success), which is an organization that facilitates mentorship of Durham teenagers with chronic illnesses by Duke students with chronic illnesses. I have been president since my sophomore year it has the most meaningful part of my Duke experience. Being able to engage with these inspiring teenagers has been an amazing experience and sharing my life stories about overcoming my rheumatoid arthritis while in college has been especially rewarding. These activities contribute to my interest in innovation and entrepreneurship because being the lab, I am constantly surrounded by people ideating and creating projects to discover new things. In the ATLAS setting, I have learned so much about myself and what I am passionate about that it has made me think of ways the quality of life of some of the teenagers I work with could be improved.

*At the ATLAS Halloween party with one of our teens*

I am excited to use all that I learned from the certificate to pursue my long term goals of pursuing a job in corporate healthcare.