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The I&E Capstone is the culminating course of our experience in the Duke I&E Certificate Program. Taught by Dr. Dinin, our section has focused on discovering problems in the world around us while homing in on one in particular. The hands-on Capstone course emphasizes the importance of thinking differently when approaching our ever-changing world.


Our I&E Capstone has been an incredible culminating experience to my Duke career. I am fortunate to have taken a prior class with Dr. Dinin, which has allowed me to reflect on that experience throughout the course. The course has also provided room to reflect on many of my previous I&E courses and has been an excellent way to finish and wrap up my multi-dimensional Duke career.

The Capstone course has focused on working in groups to discover and develop new ideas. Initially, we questioned our surroundings with a series of probing questions to help us discover where obstacles might exist and alongside potential opportunities. The course has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and questioning the world around us.

In deciding on our own problem to approach, our class presented a series of compelling opportunities. My opportunity focused on the deficiencies in the vitamin and supplement industry. In preparing for this presentation, I brought together lessons I had learned from the I&E Keystone. While my opportunity was not selected, I felt I presented better than I ever have at Duke and was proud of my work.

After the most compelling opportunities were selected, we were placed into groups to focus on the market opportunity for solving the chosen problem. During this segment of the class, I have learned how to work on a project that was not my top choice while still maintaining effort and passion for the objective. I have helped discover the importance of a problem that was previously unbeknownst to me and have worked to try and figure out how whether the issue presented has a potential opportunity for a marketable solution.

In a class comprised of mostly seniors, the coronavirus’s impact has changed the dynamic of the course. While online courses are not how I wished my senior spring would end, our class has learned to adapt to a new problem and has helped us take advantage of the opportunities this problem presents. Dr. Dinin and the I&E Capstone have pushed me to look at the epidemic and our changing circumstances with fresh optimism and a new skepticism. I can foresee countless new opportunities that might present themselves due to this epidemic, and I have also forced myself to question so many things I once took for granted. I am pleased to have been enrolled in the I&E Capstone during this trying time and am happy to have had such an excellent professor to help wrap up my Duke Career.


This is my presentation for the problem I found most compelling from a created list of 20 problems. I pitched the Vitamin problem during a short presentation to our class. The goal of this presentation was to gain support from my classmates and to convince them that this problem provided a potential opportunity for our class to work on moving forward. Vitamins Problem Slide Deck Final