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150 Hour Experience


I worked at Anheuser-Busch InBev from July 9th to August 2nd. I worked from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday for a total of around 152 hours (8 hours for 19 days). I worked at AB InBev’s Corporate Strategy Office in New York City. As a Business and Wholesaler Development Intern, I worked under Danny Goldberg, the director of Business and Wholesaler Development. Wholesaler Development is a cornerstone to the beer industry after the government mandated a third party must distribute alcoholic product. I worked in a team setting with eight other full time employees on the BWD Team. My experience focused on a wide breadth of issues at AB InBev. I attended seminars and meetings ranging in topic from the history of Anheuser Busch to, legal issues surrounding the equity agreement, to the topic of African American Culture in the Industry. The BWD team focuses on maintaining the vital two-way relationship between ABI and its Wholesalers. The relationship is formulated on mutual trust and follows an Equity Agreement that is subject to continual alterations. I experienced the unique relationship between the company and its distributors from both perspectives. I visited a Wholesaler in New Jersey and a warehouse allowing me to process my experience from both sides of the equation. I learned about the continual need to innovate new products and adapt to new regulations and mandates. The highly competitive beer industry is constantly scrutanied and requires ever-changing policy and procedure as I was able to witness firsthand.


As a BWD Intern, I worked to alter and develop the AB marketing website that focused on the Wholesaler Equity Agreement and District Manager Portal. The process of redesigning the website demanded continual interaction with both legal teams and web design teams. By redesigning the website, we hoped to ease the vital relationship that AB has with its hundreds of wholesalers via a hands-on and clean online platform. I was able to visit and communicate first-hand with Wholesalers to create a more compatible and useful website that better conveyed and projected the agreement and its subsequent documents. The hundreds of Wholesalers need to access a District Manger Portal in order to make sure they are meeting requirements and have completed necessary procedures, paperwork, and checkpoints. I also helped update the District Manger Portal to a more hands interactive platform. I also published a blog describing my weekly experiences and overall internship experience at ABI.


Anheuser-Busch InBev is a constantly changing company that requires continual innovation to business strategy and product. As a student on the Social Innovator pathway, ABI is particularly relevant. My internship experience consisted of studying and interacting with legal agreements and documents that are vital to the company’s success and development. A company that is highly scrutinized by the District Attorney, ABI needs to continually alter and restructure its legal agreements and policies. Politics and administrative issues are incredibly influential and relevant to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and can often times play a massive roll in either inhibiting or benefiting both social and non-social ventures. Furthermore, I was able to learn about the social impact of ABI. ABI dedicates immense resource and time toward creating a better world. “The company and the Anheuser-Busch Foundation have combined to contribute more than $585 million to charitable organizations.” Whether in disaster relief, provision of clean drinking water, support through educational organizations, or home building, Anheuser-Busch constantly gives back to the community. I am particularly interested in their effort toward sustainability via renewable electric and carbon reduction, water stewardship, smart agriculture, or circular packaging. Finally, the large company beer industry has been facing increasing competition from craft breweries, wine and spirits, and nonalcoholic beverages. As consumption of their staple products has gone down ABI has increasingly acquired and produced new and innovate products in order to stir the industry and maintain its popularity. I was able to experience implementation of new products and the responsiveness of wholesalers to the products.


The experience directly related to my overall objective and gave me a breadth of experience at an incredibly innovate and socially impactful company. ABI acknowledges the danger of alcohol and seeks to benefit the world more than it harms the world. With the massive infrastructure and profitability of ABI, they are able to create a exceptional social and environmental impact (as I explained in the paragraph above). My experience provided me with an inside look at a company that constantly needs to innovate both products and policy. While my specific job focused on equity agreement issues and website redesign relating to a mandated change in policy, I was able to experience several facets of the company. The range of my experience and my exposure to the marketing, legal, and product distribution side of ABI provided me with enlightening insight into an ever-changing industry.

During my internship with ABI, I was able to create help implement innovate additions to a website to be used by thousands of district managers and wholesalers. Given the functional essentiality of the website we were creating, the internship was both stressful and awesome. I was able to work with multiple teams to help implement these solutions and was proud to see the approval of our final website.

During my internship at ABI I failed to ask questions early and often. While being taught the correct way to accomplish a task, I would listen silently; I feared the potential embarrassment from asking silly questions, so chose not to ask any. Without asking questions, I periodically found myself struggling to efficiently complete the necessary tasks. Further, I would often have to return to my supervisors’ desk to ask for a recap on a set of instructions. Having to bother the supervisor again, after he had already taken time to explain the procedure, was met with visible frustration. I learned from this failure, that it is more important and productive to ask questions early and often. I learned that asking questions hours after the lesson ends creates greater frustration and decreases productivity. Feeling briefly awkward while asking potentially dumb questions is better than feeling incompetent when you are tasked to implement what you have been previously taught.

Beyond learning to ask questions early and often, I learned several other things that I will certainly carry with me during my future careers. I learned how to properly communicate with supervisors and to work within multiple teams. I learned how to behave at company outings and during “field-trips.” Further, I learned about the complicated issues faced by large corporations that involve adhering to rapidly changing legal standards.


The artifact I wanted to select from this internship experience is a EPortfolio_ABInternship The website compiled data from ABI’s Equity Agreement with their wholesaler distributers. After the DOJ demanded the Equity agreement reflect more power to the distributers, we had to reanalyze what the site would look like and what the content would be. We worked with the web-design team and the legal team to ensure the website would be functional and to the DOJ’s standards. Also, we had to recreate the District Manager Portal, where the Wholesalers could login to make sure they were passing standards mandated by ABI. Finally, I compiled the changes and updates on both sites into a final slide-deck that I presented to the company.