My Story

I’m Alex Gottwald. I’ve long wanted to solve real world problems with the talents I’ve been given and skills I’ve refined. As a result, I came to Duke from Indianapolis with the desire to pursue the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate alongside a Computer Science and Economics double major. Of all the undergraduate programs I researched and toured, I felt that Duke’s combination of these disciplines would best prepare me for what I wish to achieve.


Since arriving at Duke in the fall of 2015, I’ve experimented with many different clubs and organizations. I tried club soccer, did some graphic design consulting, and joined a selective living group, Cooper. While I’ve enjoyed all of these activities, the most exciting Duke experience I’ve had is being part of the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs. Without spoiling the reflections of my 300-hour experience, it’s through this program that I truly found that Duke is the right fit for me.


After I graduate, I look forward to being able to delve more fully into a passion for connecting more individuals online. I hope to take my skills learned in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate and unite them with my critical thinking skills picked up from my majors. If you’re interested in learning more about me, feel free to find me on LinkedIn or check back for updates on my Duke entrepreneurial endeavors.