Entering an engineering lab for the first time can be very daunting for first-year students. That’s why I, along with my classmates Ashley Lanzas and Rebecca Leggett, created the Three Peas in The POD video series. We tried to identify the biggest struggles that new engineering students face and create a resource that could help alleviate some of their stress. As three young female engineers, we also hoped that these videos would encourage other women to pursue engineering with confidence.

Behind The Scenes

Rather than simply explaining how the tools and machines found in the Pratt School of Engineering Design POD work, we created projects using all of the equipment in order to make the series engaging and relatable. This videos are now part of Pratt’s First-Year Design curriculum. More information about this project and First-Year Design as a whole can be found here.

This experience was not only rewarding as I was able to create something to help so many young engineers, but I was also able to improve my own technical skills along the way. The creation of the projects for the videos allowed me to practice using a lot of equipment that I had only had minimal exposure to previously. I am honored to have worked on such a meaningful project and hope that this video series can serve as a valuable resource for first-year engineers for many years to come.