“In Social Marketing for Entrepreneurs, we’ll explore the alternate side of social media that most people never consider: the customer side. Instead of using social media for entertainment, we’ll analyze the ways in which celebrities, influencers, and companies leverage social media to sell you products.”

Course Overview

Social Marketing for Entrepreneurs was split into three modules- personality marketing, influencer marketing, and corporate marketing. Within each of the modules the class was separated into four groups and each assigned a different social media platform to analyze. Every module started off with a short presentation on a best and a worst example of said type of marketing on said platform and ended with a four minute case study on how a person or company effectively uses said social media platform. In addition to these modules, we participated in an Instagram experiment. Each member of the class was tasked with created a non-personal Instagram account of their choice with the goal of gaining 1000 followers and having 5% engagement.

Instagram experiment

The Instagram experiment began in mid-October and the goal was to have 1000 followers by December 6th. My first Instagram account, @_steminist, was an account made with the purpose of bringing light to influential women in STEM fields throughout history. While niche, I believed this would contribute to its success rather than its downfall. However, I was wrong. I struggled to gain followers and create engagement on my page. In addition to the lack of enthusiasm over the account, creating content was also extremely difficult. I would spend a lot of time researching different female scientists and mathematicians, create visuals of a picture of them with a quote overlay, and write a caption summarizing their accomplishments. This was extremely time consuming and was not receiving the results I would have hoped for.

Example post from @_steminist


Because of all of this, I decided to create a new account. This new account, @relatablecollegestruggles, was far more successful and much easier to create content for. Through the use of hashtags, following similar accounts, and funny content, I was able to gain over 500 followers in 2 weeks. People were much more willing to engage in a funny meme account than they were with a more serious historical account.



Social Marketing for Entrepreneurs made me question everything I though I knew about social media and marketing. While I have been an active user of social media for years, I had no idea how much time and energy goes into everything seen online. Creating and withstanding an effective social media presence is extremely hard work. Through the information I learned in this class, I now feel prepared to market myself and my potential products on many different online platforms. It is one thing to create something amazing; however it is even better to be able to successfully share it with so many others.