Alexandra Davis I&E Certificate


I. Gateway – Building Global Audiences (I&E 250)

Fall 2017

  • Marketing and publicity are so important to audience building that, 20 years ago, expanding beyond local audiences usually couldn’t be accomplished without huge advertising budgets. However, thanks to the Internet, you can build a global audience from your dorm room. This class explored how.
  • I enrolled in this class in order to learn about social media, search engine optimization, virality, content marketing, growth hacking, and other digital audience building strategies. Moreover, I wanted to learn as much from my failures as I would from my successes. In order to do this, Professor Dinin taught us how to discover what it takes to cultivate global awareness for an idea without ever leaving Durham.

II. Keystone – Strategies for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E 352)

Fall 2017

  • This course covers the component elements of developing the skills needed to launch a venture. Starting at the point of need identification, the course covers lean methodology; innovation and entrepreneurship strategy; creating the needed financing and resource structures; effectively marketing/ communicating the innovation and its associated benefits; leading, managing, and working effectively within teams; creating a positive and ethical work culture; and evaluating success.
  • I knew I would find tremendous value in enrolling in this course. By the end of the course, I learned the fundamentals that will enable me augment my business/project plan within the experiential aspects and/or the capstone course of the undergraduate certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

III. Elective – Social Marketing for Entrepreneurs (I&E 253)

Spring 2018

  • If you’re like the typical millennial, you spend hundreds of hours every month on sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, but you’ve never paid a penny for any of the services. Have you ever wondered how they could be free? In the web marketing industry, we have a saying for this seeming paradox: “If you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer… you’re the product.” In other words, even though you might think of yourself as a valued user within your preferred social community, in reality, you’re actually the product the company is selling. The course Social Marketing for Entrepreneurs explores the other side of social media that most people never see: the customer side. Instead of using social media for entertainment, students learn about using social media to market our products, companies, ideas, and even ourselves.
  • I enrolled in this course hoping to think critically about social media from a variety of readings, case studies, speakers, and real-world experiments. I hope to spend the semester learning how to transform social media from a tool for entertainment into a tool for promotion, brand building, and revenue generation.

IV. Capstone – Innovation & Entrepreneurship Capstone (I&E 499)

Fall 2019

  • In this course, students bring together interdisciplinary insights from their work throughout the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate program to shed light on innovation and entrepreneurship and the roles they play in addressing the world’s most pressing problems. The class will incorporate rich discussion, selected readings, and guest speakers addressing topics in innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will focus on applying what they have learned through the certificate curriculum to develop an innovation and entrepreneurship capstone project.