Alexandra Davis I&E Certificate

Certificate Purposes

         Part One: Purpose/Problem Focus/Aims when I started the Certificate Program


In today’s capitalist society, consumer behavior perhaps is the best indication of what individuals value. In my humble opinion, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate program is the best avenue through which undergraduate students can grapple with how to cultivate not just consumer behavior but also their entrepreneurial spirits. Entrepreneurship is vital in today’s society because products are not just what we spend time, money, or effort on. They are manifestations of societal, cultural, psychological, and visual influences, as well as the inevitable and interconnected relationships between these influences. Through entrepreneurship, understanding consumer behavior underlies how citizens interact with their community, and how the choices they make in these communities each day reflect their values, preferences, and development.


In my return to Duke, I desperately searched for the major that could synthesize my newfound academic goals. But I soon realized that no major department would come close to adequately reflecting my nuanced academic interests. I know that Duke offers all the tools to fulfill my ideal curriculum. The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate program me with the avenue to utilize all these tools in order to synthesize a curated and holistic liberal arts education.


To me, consumer behavior is not simply what we buy but how we have been shaped to value what we buy. I staunchly believe that if we better understand entrepreneurship, we can design systems, markets, and organizations that are holistically more conducive to human happiness. Duke’s ultimate goal is not only to foster students’ intellectual growth but also leadership in their communities. A certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship will provide me with the intellectual growth necessary to achieve leadership and, hopefully, large-scale change. In addition to my core path, I will enroll in several other Innovation & Entrepreneurship courses to further bolster my entrepreneurial skill set.