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Welcome to my world, or just a small corner of it! I am Alexandra Davis, sophomore at Duke University, pursing a self-designed major in Behavioral Economics and a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

I am a social innovator, entrepreneur, marketer, philanthropist and photographer. Through my roles as Founder and CEO of The Coven Magazine and Founder and Executive Director of 501(c)(3) non-profit SWISH Foundation, I have a unique perspective of being the creator, strategist and implementer. I’m an extremely driven, organized, and passionate self-starter, and my career interests include brand management and strategy, digital marketing, social media, photography and technology.

This website will serve as a personal “diary” or tracker of sorts as I augment my academic and entrepreneurial scholarship in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate program.

To learn more about the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate program at Duke, visit the program website.

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