Elevar offers ‘digital innovation labs’, where large enterprises can tap into the innovation potential of high performance startups to solve pressing industry challenges. The company also provides strategic advisory services to support client’s emerging digital strategies. Consumerization of digital health has always been at the forefront of my interests, as the archaic health industry has recently been refreshed by up-and-coming, tech savvy new startups and companies.

I was extremely excited to get my foot in the door and learn more about digital health through Elevar.  As a Digital Health Fellow, I was paired with a mentor and multiple specialists to conduct research on the digital health industry over the course of four months.  My main project was compiling a database of over 700 US digital health startups, complete with funding, categorical, founding, geographical, and contact data. At the same time, I gleaned insights from my research to publish 4 online articles. At the end of the position, I consolidated my research into a PowerPoint and presented my findings and thesis to Elevar’s executive team.