Experiential Learning

Elevar Consulting 


“Elevar helps large enterprises embrace the innovation and digital services they need while giving emerging startups the chance to sell their services to a large enterprise customer.”

As a Digital Health Fellow for Elevar, I worked closely with executive team members on various projects including:

  • Compiling a comprehensive database of over 700 US healthcare and biotech companies
  • Analyzing startup funding, categorical, and geographical data from CrunchBase, AngelList, and research reports to generate statistical insights, using MS Excel (graphs, charts, pivot tables)
  • Developing MS PowerPoint slides and presented full findings to Elevar executive team
  • Authoring and publishing 4 online articles on digital health ecosystems and intellectual capital
EWH Summer Institute - Nicaragua


“The Summer Institute in Nicaragua trains and places up to 26 program participants to volunteer in the public hospitals, clinics, and health outposts of 11 Nicaraguan departments/states. Participants assist with critical medical device repairs, translation of manuals, preventative maintenance, and other services”

With Engineering World Health, I had the opportunity to spend two months living in Nicaragua, five of which were spent at Hospital Bautista, in Managua, working as a medical technician. Over the course of the experience, I was able to:

  • Diagnose and repair over 30 damaged devices, including: ECGs, incubators, centrifuges, nebulizers (air compressors), respirators, electro-surgery units, bili lights, and microscopes
  • Consult and translate circuit diagrams to rewire and solder broken transformers and lights
  • Maintain water purification and air filtration systems; check biohazard content in water
  • Gain cultural insight and perspective through interactions with host families and hospital staff