Connection to Self-Understanding

What’s my biggest takeaway from completing the I&E Certificate?

love entrepreneurship.

To many, “entrepreneurship” is associated with what happens when college roommates spitball ideas at 3 a.m. in a dorm. How incorrect that depiction really is! After all of my experiences and projects I’ve learned that innovation and entrepreneurship are constant methodologies that can be applied to almost all aspects of life.

Aside from learning the tangible skills like divergent thinking, building business models, pitching ideas, or even cold-calling, what I’ve appreciated most is the realization that entrepreneurship is what I really want to do in life.

I enjoy the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows, of working in a startup environment. Collaborating with a high-energy team to solve a problem and deliver a solution is beyond exciting to me. I’m always thinking about new opportunities, and I want to get to a point in my life where it’s impossible to sleep because I’m both nervous and ecstatic about my venture. It’s not even about the lucrative potential of an idea (although that more than often determines practicality), it’s about the nitty-gritty.

I remember so many times throughout my I&E experience in which I was challenged in new, unexpected ways. While working with Elevar, I had to drink from the firehose constantly as I adapted to VC lingo and the nuances of statistical analysis. In Nicaragua, I had to be forthright in making connections and was assertive in identifying unmet patient needs. While working on my final capstone project, there were so many times in which my team and I came to a “brick-wall” in terms of ideas, only to re-evaluate, strategize and navigate.

To me, innovation and entrepreneurship is about problem-solving and execution, using anything and everything at your disposal in creative ways. I’ve realized I have the exact skillset and thick skin to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams, and I’ll be continuing to improve my abilities throughout my life.

If you’ve read this far (or if you just skipped to this page) thanks for checking out what I’ve been up to. This experience has been incredibly valuable to me. I believe I can make a real difference in the world through entrepreneurship, whether it be delivering a necessary solution or building a healthy company culture.

I’d be thrilled if you could join me on the rest of my journey! Please don’t hesitate to reach out or follow me on social media to get updates on what I do next and where I end up!