Certificate Purpose

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The Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate offers a unique opportunity for me to develop skills in communication, networking, and project completion. I pursued this certificate because I believed doing so would bring out the best in me as an engineer and 567c0f1615494f0558b80075-1450970902801entrepreneur. I love working on interesting projects, traveling, and meeting new people – I&E gave me resources and structure to accomplish these goals. For instance, I received updates from I&E frequently, notifying me about internship or connection opportunities, and I also had access to all kinds of grants helpful for traveling; furthermore, hearing from quality faculty who have found success in industry prepared me for my portfolio_image_0002s_0000_17own career. As a member of I&E, I derived a greater depth of understanding from my experiences and courses because I was always be thinking of ways to document and communicate my work to others.

I focused on creating and marketing technology effectively, specifically in the biomedical industry and digital health. Biomedical technology and digital health are in a period of digital_health_shutterstock-100310537-primary.idgerevolution as new inventions and methods of implementation are created often. I was able to research this changing health-sphere
and communicate it to the average person, so that he or she could better take advantage of what’s out there. In a similar way, I now want
to bridge the gap between evolving technology and a stagnant healthcare system. Medical practices and documentation are still caught in a relatively archaic system, and I believe pursuing ways to incorporate digital health and technology can enhance healthcare quality, accessibility, and cost greatly.

I have learned more about technology and marketing in the biomedical industry, on a fundamental device level to effective commercialization techniques. For devices and services, I better understand what goes into design, manufacturing, and selling. From a broader perspective, I have gained insights into the biomedical industry from learning about new companies, apl-armongoing research, what is available now and what will be in the future. Learning from innovators and entrepreneurs at the forefront of this biomedical movement has allowed me to hone skills and forge connections to position myself to make a difference.

As a biomedical engineer, I learned the core math, chemistry, physics, and biology behind the technology; however much of this learning is textbook, lecture, and lab-based. Pursuing an Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate coupled the academic side of biomedical engineering with real-world applications. Now I can see more clearly where the sciences I learn in class fit into real innovationworld industry. Overall, my studies at Duke took on a more pertinent meaning when supplemented with techniques learned in Innovation & Entrepreneurship classes. I believe both facets of my education complimented each other. For example, design techniques learned in I&E  have help me structure labs, and communication skills help me present various design projects.

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