Why I&E?

There are many successful people in the working world who say how the things they’re doing now have nothing to do with what they studied in undergraduate. Many people have used this as a way to comfort current students amongst the often times overwhelming decision of choosing a career path and concentration in university. Although this statement is true and made with well intent, it is imperative for me to be conscious and intentional about what I choose to study — and deciding to pursue this certificate is part of that.

In the future I hope to go into product management, UX design, or possibly even other roles within the creative side of technology and/or media. I love thinking about how products work, becoming invested in a product to find out new and innovative ways of improving and designing it, and talking to other people who also share that same investment into the product. Because of this, I’ve crafted my classes and experiences here at Duke to best prepare and prime me for what I want to do in the future.

As a Visual and Media Studies major I hope to understand the nuances of design and visual culture from mediums like art creation as well application user interfaces. As a Information Science Studies (ISS) certificate holder I hope to learn about data science, technology and it’s societal ramifications, as well as different coding languages and data skills that will enable me to lead in the tech market. A certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Technology and Design is just as, if not more, important than the other two disciplines in terms of shaping the most fruitful experience here at Duke for the future. As an I&E certificate holder I hope to gain both an in-class and experiential understanding of the skills needed to participate and influence an ever-expanding globalized business market. I want to be able to address all aspects of the product which includes design, coding, as well as the business.

This semester in my “Basics of Technology Commercialization” class it’s been important for me to realize that regardless of the specific market I go into in the future — whether that be media or technology — it is crucial to have a sound and proficient knowledge of the entrepreneurial and business aspects of both markets especially as a product manager.

The opportunities and experiences here at Duke are not only are applicable to my future goals, but they are ones that couldn’t be had otherwise. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate is one of the main pieces of the puzzle in completely crafting my unique Duke experience.