I&E 352 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship Keystone

The innovation and entrepreneurship keystone, in a nutshell, is aiming to help students understand all the aspects of what being an entrepreneur is like.

It doesn’t go into the weeds and the very deep aspects of every step of founding a business but goes in pretty deep detail of the main aspects of entrepreneurship. the four main areas in where we focus our time on is Customer Value Proposition — What does it look like to make a product that people want and need? Go-to-Market strategy — How does an idea one has work as a business? Should it? What are all the things you need to consider for it to work as such? Technology and Operations Management — How is the company going to operate? What are the operational systems in place for this to work? and Profit Formula — Is the company worth your time? Will it be profitable?

Although, these are the core concepts we focus on, there are much more things we go into that are adjacent to these topics using various different learning methods including case analysis, Harvard Business School articles, etc.

In this class we cover a lot of things that make a business tick from management, to branding and marketing, to financial statements and employment. Many of us describe the class as a condensed miniature master of business administration (MBA).