Wendy Taylor, MPP

Wendy TaylorDirector, Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact at USAID
Taylor has worked for the last 20 years identifying market-based solutions to address diseases and conditions of poverty. In 2004, she founded Bio Ventures for Global Health, a non-profit working to engage the biopharmaceutical industry to develop medicines for diseases of the developing world. She also held senior positions with Malaria No More and the Biotechnology Industry Organization, and worked in the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means. Joining USAID in 2010, Taylor established the Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact. She spearheaded the Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge for Development – a $50 million multi-donor partnership that calls on the brightest minds across the globe to identify groundbreaking new solutions for pregnant women and newborns around the time of birth. Taylor serves on the North American Board of Medicines for Malaria Ventures and is Chair of HANSHEP, an international donor coordinating body harnessing the private sector to deliver better healthcare to the poor.