Study Overview

The IDEAS for Hope study sets out to address suicidal ideation in the context of HIV care.   The global mental health treatment gap is a persistent challenge requiring innovative solutions, particularly in low-resource settings.  Telehealth is drastically underutilized for mental health and HIV care in sub-Saharan Africa.  This will be the first known study to use telehealth to intervene for suicidality among people living with HIV in Africa.

Brief Overview

  1. Identify the desired characteristics of a telehealth intervention for suicide prevention and HIV care engagement.
  2. Translate and validate survey tools to ensure their applicability for studies in Tanzania.
  3. Refine content for the telehealth intervention with support from a study advisory board.
  4. Pilot test the telehealth intervention in a randomized controlled trial to assess feasibility, acceptability, and potential efficacy for reducing suicidality and enhancing HIV care engagement.

Telehealth Intervention   

Clinic nurses administer 3-question screening at HIV clinic appointments

Those who screen positive for suicidal ideation meet with research assistant in a private clinic office

Research assistant helps connect to counselor at KCMC using a video call on WhatsApp for counseling session