Meet the Team


Dr. Nosayaba Peters: ECaSSA role- Principal Investigator. Dr. Peters is a member of Duke Cancer Institute, an associate professor in Population Health Sciences Department and with Duke Global Health Institute.

Dr. Brandon Knettel: ECaSSA role- Co-principal Investigator. Dr. Knettel is an associate professor at the Duke School of Nursing and Duke Global Health Institute.


Prof. Blandina Mmbaga. ECaSSA role- Site Coordinator. Prof. Blandina is the director of Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute.


Elizabeth Knippler: ECaSSA role- Project Manager.    Knippler is a program coordinator with the administration of surgical disciplines at Duke University.


Elizabeth Msoka, ECaSSA role- Research Coordinator. Msoka is a registered nurse and midwife in Tanzania and is currently conducting PhD research on breast cancer epidemiology.


Victor Katiti: ECaSSA role- Research Assistant. Katiti is an assistant lecturer at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College


Linda Minja: ECaSSA role- Data Manager and Analyst. Minja is a statistician at Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute

Clotilda Tarimo: ECaSSA  role- Research Assistant. Tarimo is a social scientist with Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute.

Judith Mwobobia,  graduate student at Duke University. Judith is carrying out research with team as part of her Master’s in Global Health thesis.