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Youngbin Kwak, Ph.D.

Youngbin Kwak earned a BA in International Relations and a MS in Neuroscience from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea. She moved to US afterwards and worked towards a Ph.D in Neuroscience under the supervision of Dr. Rachael Seidler at the University of Michigan. Her doctoral work investigated neural bases of dopaminergic effects on learning new skills. Her work combined multiple approaches involving Parkinson’s disease population, pharmachological fMRI, molecular functional imaging with PET, and genetics. Youngbin joined Huettel lab as a Postdoctoral Associate to extend her training on economic decision making, a human behavior heavily influenced by the dopaminergic system. After joining the lab, her research interest expanded to decision making in social context. In particular, her current work studies pro-social behavior and inter-group relationship using a decision making paradigm she developed in the lab. Most of her studies involve both adults and younger children with an aim to understand the developmental trajectory of decision making.

View Youngbin’s CV here.