Congrats to Libby Jenke!

Congrats to Libby for her new paper, Issues or Identity? Cognitive Foundations of Voter Choice, in Trends in Cognitive Sciences! Here, Libby’s research focused on how policy position and social identities influence voter preferences. Again,

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Congrats Rosa!

Congrats to Rosa for winning the 2016 Merritt Science Journalism Award! The Merritt Science Journalism Award celebrates a Duke graduate or undergraduate student for science journalism. [06/21/2016]

Congratulations Dr. Lee!

Congratulations to Dr. Victoria Lee! On March 31st, Vicki successfully defended her dissertation by showcasing her hard work and amazing sciencing skills in a riveting presentation. Not only is Vicki an intuitive and gifted scientist,

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Congrats David Smith!

Congratulations to former lab member David Smith! Dave recently accepted a position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Temple University. We know how much Dave loves those nice northern winters, so we couldn’t be

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New publication

Congratulations to former lab member René San Martín for his new paper, “Altruistic traits are predicted by neural responses to monetary outcomes for self versus charity,” published in Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience!

NC Museum of Life and Science Event

Recently, North Carolina’s Museum of Life and Science hosted an event called Heroes vs. Villains. DIBS was present, and folks from the Huettel Lab helped out. Going with the Heroes vs. Villains theme, folks from

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